240 Seconds

Within the 360 seconds of advertisement period,
businesses will be given 240 seconds to promote your business.
Advertisement can be displayed as images or video, with the resolution of 820 x 1080px.
Depending on location, countless opportunities can be explored with our advertisment model.

Display information
with our App

An excellent opportunity for users to visit your shops as they look for nearby ChargeSPOT!
It increases the traffic flow into your shop and offers in App provide incentive
for users to explore your products and services.
Basic contact information and special offers can also be shown in our App.

Display essential information such as distance, opening hours and general introduction to ease accessibility.

Pages will display detailed information with slidable images to increase venue attractiveness.

Explore more
with our Pricing Scheme

With our pricing scheme, customers can rent in businessesʼ location, use and experience
more about venue and lastly return it within the same spot to increase overall visit duration
which will further open our more opportunities for businesses.

1 Hour
24 Hour
48 Hour

SPOT Locations

(Up to March 2018, including installed and yet to install locations)



Depending from venue sizes, we offer 3 types of machines for all types of business scales.
Let us know you desired model.

L Size

Size Height x Width x Thickness1760mm x 633mm x 184mm

Weight65kg Number of Power Bank18 Units

Display 43’ LED Screen 520mm x 930mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080

Video specification820 x 1080 pixels

M Size

Size Height x Width x Thickness700mm x 403mm x 183mm

Weight35kg Number of Power Bank10 Units

Display 24’ LED Screen 290mm x 520mm
Resolution 1920 x 1080

Video specification820 x 1080 pixels

S Size

Size Height x Width x Thickness270mm x 220mm x 130mm

Weight3kg Number of Power Bank3 Units

Display 10’ LED Screen