The World’s 1st Globally Connected
Power Bank Sharing Service

ChargeSPOT, the world’s 1st globally connected power bank sharing service,
started in Hong Kong, and expanded into Japan.
Apart from Hong Kong and Japan, our service will also be extended to Thailand,
Malaysia and Indonesia.
With increasing needs of battery supply, ChargeSPOT is here to provide the solution of mobile charging, without having to stay in the same spot nor leaving your devices at lockers and counters.

Search for ChargeSPOT around You

When in need of a power bank, locate yourself and look for nearby ChargeSPOT, listing remaining rentable and returnable power bank slots too.

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Available on iOS and Android, start experiencing with simple registration.

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Get basic information about your ChargeSPOT locations and save your favorites.

Merchants’ Offers

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Compatible with
Different Mobile Devices

Compatible with Lightning,
Micro-USB, USB Type-C
Power Bank capacity of 4500mAh, DC5V / 2A
Capable to charge up you and your friends’ devices!


Expanding in Hong Kong
Expanding in the world

Bring your ChargeSPOT whenever, and wherever across the globe!
Expanding across borders.
Currently operating in Hong Kong and Tokyo.
With expansion across Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand within this year.


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